May 17, 2021

These four forces are key to disrupting industry trends

Ready for the future? Combining science and technology with policy and regulation and a few other ingredients is the only way to reach true change according to one new book.

Image: Getty/DKosig

Technology is the single biggest force that leads to market disruption, according to Trond Arne Undheim, Ph.D., futurist and author of “Future Tech: How to Capture Value from Disruptive Industry Trends.”

Undheim should know. He is the former director of an MIT startup exchange. In his latest book, which published on March 30, he examines the results of disruption, and points out how a combination of four forces: technology, policy, business models and social dynamics, are what lead to industry disruption. Once someone understands these forces, they can predict what will happen in the future. 

True change is only possible from the collaboration of science and technology, policy and regulation, new business models, or sharing economy and social

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Dell introduces new Alienware and Dell G15 gaming systems, laptops for hybrid work and new Precision 3000 Series towers

Remote and hybrid employees are the target of many of Dell’s new laptops, PCs and mobile workstations introduced on Tuesday.

Image: Dell

In a nod to the ongoing move to hybrid work, on Tuesday Dell introduced a vast lineup of new and redesigned laptops and workstations. Both gaming laptops and models for the enterprise were included, with a new Alienware X Series coming this summer, and two new Latitude laptops, the Latitude 5421 and the 5521. 

A total of five laptops for gaming, and two laptops for the enterprise, five mobile workstations, two new Precision tower workstations, three Optiplex PCs, a 32-inch 4K monitor and a wireless ANC headset were announced. Dell also revamped its Precision 5560, Precision 5760, XPS 15 and XPS 17 devices with 11th Gen Intel Core processors and Xeon mobile processors. 

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New Alienware

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Why Electronics And Technology Are Important

The Nature of Self-Enhancing Artificial Intelligence. Natural Language Processing − It is potential to work together with the pc that understands pure language spoken by people.

artificial intelligence adalah kemampuan manusia untuk meniru kemampuan komputer

Undoubtedly, expertise is throughout us. Know-how is a serious part of our everyday lives and it’s arduous to think about living in a society that doesn’t have superior know-how. Totally different forms of danger have also resulted from know-how. From the top-drawer, one may cite world warming and air pollution as major issues. Then there may be the little matter of all of the negatives that emanate from the web. Each new technology additionally appears to come with its own issues of waste which the society finds it tough to handle. The dangerous effects of all forms of waste are also well documented. Organizations use machine studying in safety information and event management ( SIEM … Read more


This manner will likely be familiar to many philosophers, but let’s evaluation it shortly now, so as to set a firm stage for making points in regards to the new probabilistic strategies which have energized AI.

artificial intelligence (ai) dan big data

They is probably not household names, however these 34 artificial intelligence companies are engaged on some very smart technology. The Federal Trade Commission seeks to acquire info on what number of users certain social media companies have, how energetic the users are, what the businesses find out about them, how they acquired that data, and what steps the businesses take to proceed to have interaction users. The FTC is also gathering information on the businesses’ business fashions and the way they target youngsters and households. Amir, E. & Maynard-Reid, P., 1999, Logic-Primarily based Subsumption Architecture,” in Proceedings of the sixteenth International Joint Convention on Synthetic Intelligence (IJCAI-1999), (San … Read more

IBM’s quantum team cuts chemistry calculation from 45 days to 9 hours

IBM optimizes the quantum computing stack to make workloads 120 times faster by improving cloud service design and control hardware.

IBM’s plan was to make quantum workloads 100 times faster at this point in the company’s roadmap. Researchers expanded the scope of their improvement efforts beyond quantum circuits to the entire tech stack to exceed that goal. The company announced Tuesday that its quantum system has achieved a 120x speedup in simulating molecule activity. 

Blake Johnson and Ismael Faro described the improvements in a blog post on the company’s site. The researchers credited improved control systems that reduced the amount of time per job execution from 1,000 microseconds to 70. 

In 2017, the IBM Quantum team simulates the behavior of the lithium hydride molecule with a quantum computer. This modeling process took 45 days. Today this process takes nine hours.  

SEE: Startup claims new “quantum analog computer” solved the traveling

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Developer career 101: How to stand out in the field of software development and engineering

Randall Kanna, author, full stack engineer and product lead, shares her advice for developers of all levels on how to stand out in today’s job market.

How do you stand out as a developer or software engineer in today’s job market? That can be a tough question under normal circumstances. But amid the physically-distanced world of COVID-19 and a post-pandemic world of increased remote and hybrid work, it can be even more challenging to answer.

In November 2020, I had the opportunity to speak with Randall Kanna, product lead for Trim and author of the book, “The Standout Developer.” I wasn’t able to air our conversation then, but am glad I can bring it to you in this Dynamic Developer episode. Randall has an amazing story and great advice for developers of all levels.

The following is a transcript of the interview, edited for readability. You can listen to the

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How to manage location sharing in Android 11

You can control when and with whom your location in shared on your Android device.

Image: Jason Cipriani/CNET

Google and other vendors like to track your location via your Android phone as a way to personalize your experience but mainly to serve you targeted ads based on where you go. However, you can control if, how, and when your location gets shared via several options built into the latest flavor of Android.

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You can typically grant location sharing always, never or just while using an app. You can disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning. And you can turn off real-time location sharing so no one else can find your current whereabouts.

On your Android device, go to Settings and select Location. The information on the screen tells you how many apps have access to your location data. If you don’t

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Impact Of Technology On Our Lives

They are projecting its usage for fight, espionage and so forth. Development will change into a synchronized sequence of manufacturing processes, delivering management, change and production at scale.

jurusan artificial intelligence indonesia

Lots of you might get astonished wanting on the headline of this text. The phrase artificial intelligence is coined at the “Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence.” Led by John McCarthy, the conference, which defined the scope and targets of AI, is broadly thought-about to be the delivery of synthetic intelligence as we know it at present. Speech Recognition − Some intelligent methods are capable of hearing and comprehending the language when it comes to sentences and their meanings while a human talks to it. It might probably deal with totally different accents, slang words, noise in the background, change in human’s noise on account of chilly, and so on. 2. An area-wide IT infrastructure and quick … Read more