September 26, 2022


GADGETS TO LOCATE THE PARANORMAL PRESENCE The night is glistening with its dark aura THE…


The night is glistening with its dark aura THE PARANORMAL PRESENCE, the silence around is deadly, but you can hear a few crickets chirping here and there. Even a starry night can become creepy if we look at it that way. Imagine yourself stargazing while sitting in your window. Suddenly, you hear the sound of something getting dropped on the floor. Knowing that it’s late at night and everyone is asleep except you, the sound may startle you a bit. You might ignore the sound, thinking that it might be your pet cat or dog messing around. But your dog is sleeping on your bed, and the only blame goes to your cat. After a while, you hear your cat meowing and jumping on your bed, asking for food. If your pets are here, who dropped that thing? Was it your brother or parents?

You said goodnight to your parents after dinner and saw them going to their room. Knowing that you do not have any siblings, you wonder about the sound when you hear a door creaking open. That creaking sound is getting on your nerves because you are in your room, and everyone else is asleep, and your door got shut. Seeing the shut door open will leave you sweating, and you might believe that there is someone else present in your house. You struggle with sleep, and you feel that someone is pulling your quilt off of you. Anyone will touch their heart right at the top of their throat. “Oh, hey, we hope you are not sweating, are you?”

The desperate wait for the sun to show up and to make you realize that there is no one around is over. Your parents are at their work, and you are alone in the house. To your surprise, this time, you see a vase in the corner falling right in front of your eyes. This time you are confident that there is someone else around you. Do you want to see if your suspicion is real or not? How about having some gadgets that can help you detect a presence? Check out to find cool gadgets. If you are still having second thoughts about which device to choose, read along to find out the functions and uses of different gadgets.


1. Infrared thermometer:

We all have seen many horror movies that if a haunted house or some other creatures are residing, they are never visible. The debate that ghosts exist or not is a life-long debate, but if you hear sounds out of nowhere and see things shattering into pieces, you cannot deny their presence. The sounds and broken vases are proof that it can be some paranormal existence in your house. Having an infrared thermometer will help you know their presence. These thermometers can detect the temperature that we cannot feel and the infrared waves are the shortest in wavelength. Their wavelength can detect any presence. You will see an increase or a sudden drop in the screen temperature if the infrared waves contact such creatures.


2. Thermal camera:

Based on your home experiences, you know that there is some paranormal activity, but how will your parents believe if it’s true or not? Your first thought will be to capture their existence. If you think that you can catch the ghost on your camera, well, you cannot unless you have a camera specially designed for this purpose. No matter how advanced your smartphone is, it does not have thermal sensors. Ghosts or spirits are invisible to us, but paranormal experts believe that their bodies emit heat just like humans.

If you want to record or confirm their presence in your house, a thermal camera can be your best bet for this adventure. Since the camera has thermal sensors installed, you can record their presence through this camera, even if it’s day or night. If a ghost or spirit is present, the camera might not capture how they look, but they can give you a heat diagram on the screen confirming their presence.


3. Electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors:

If you have seen the ghost hunting shows or movies, you would remember that one of the standard equipment that every ghost hunter relies on is the EMF detectors. Electromagnetic fields are usually present around electrically charged objects. Many paranormal experts believe that ghosts or spirits have electromagnetic fields around them. Since they are not physically present in this physical realm, many believe they carry a strong EMF. So, if you are looking for a ghost in your house with an EMF detector, here is what you need to know. Take an EMF detector in front of a TV. You will see small spikes showing the strength of your television’s electromagnetic field. But the moment you see a disturbance and high spikes on the EMF detector, know that your invisible guest is right around the corner. And you never know, they might start playing with you by fluctuating the spikes over and over and at different corners.


4. Digital voice recorder:

Seeing a vase shattering can be a sign of a ghost messing around, but if you expect them to make a sound in their voice, you cannot hear them. Ghosts and spirits have voice frequency beyond our audible frequency range. They do not talk or sound like humans, but they make low or high-frequency noises. Human ears can hear sounds up to a limited frequency. If you want to confirm a ghostly presence through sound recording, grab a digital voice recorder. These recorders can detect low and high frequencies that you can later convert in the audible range. These digital recorders have special sensors and sound detectors that can pick a low as 40Hz or as high as 1200 Hz. These voice recorders offer up to 2GB of internal memory, allowing you to record and save them as sounds to listen to later.


5. Smartphones:

No matter as common as it seems, our smartphones can be our gadgets for detecting ghosts around us. The voice recording function in our phones is similar to a digital voice recorder. So, if your digital ghost recorder stops working midway, you can use your phone as a substitute voice recorder. The flashlight installed in it can help you walk around easily at night. Even if your phone cannot detect much paranormal activity, it can be your safety gadget as well. In case you get stuck in a dangerous situation, you can always dial your people to your rescue.


6. Touch activated flashing balls

These balls are like your standard ball size, and many kids might think it is their new toy. They are motion and touch-activated balls that will light up upon sensing some motion. We might not see the ghosts or spirits around, but these balls can detect a nearby spirit or a ghost. They are the cost-effective gadget that you can have for your ghost hunting adventure.



We all enjoy horror movies or scenes as long as they are on the screen, but the moment we experience such things happening around us, we will run for our lives. If the ghost hunter in you is itching you to look for a ghostly presence in your surroundings or your living rooms, these gadgets can come in handy for your adventure. Detecting a presence sounds exciting, but we shall not ignore that these spirits can harm us or put us in danger. It is vital to have a safety backup ready in case you need assistance. These gadgets might not give you an absolute result, but they can help you detect some signs of their presence.  Watch out; the ghost in your house might be reading this blog with you.