August 14, 2022

Consulting Partners Fueling the Development of Automotive Industry Software

The automotive world is changing rapidly. The main force that is fueling the revolution is…

The automotive world is changing rapidly. The main force that is fueling the revolution is automotive software development. Automotive companies are adjusting to the new environment where competitive advantage is ensured by the quality of provided automotive applications and software updates. While fighting for the most talented developers and building software development processes is critical to protect once gained market shares, automotive enterprises collaborate with consulting tech companies to truly dominate the automotive sector.

Automotive software development services

Starting with simple software technology and providing basic systems such as navigation apps, the automotive industry is heading towards advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, smart mobility, shared mobility, and connected car solutions. Software development for such advanced systems requires expertise in cloud services, hardware and software, AI, the auto industry ecosystem, electric vehicles, automated testing processes, and many more. Here come external experts.

Automotive software development and consulting companies like Grape Up empower automotive companies to build solid foundations for their software-centric transformation. Grape Up consultants work with automotive companies to help them build automotive cloud infrastructure, implement big data and AI solutions, improve every software development process, leverage continuous improvement and transfer knowledge to the customer’s team.

New business opportunities for the automotive industry

Collaboration with Grape Up goes beyond automotive software development. The company enables its automotive business partners to explore new business models, build opportunities for new sales channels and establish new industry standards. Connected car and shared mobility solutions allow the automobile industry to enhance upselling, deliver new features, increase the market size, and monetize the enormous amount of data gathered by vehicles.

The future of the automotive and mobility industry belongs to electric vehicles and self-driving cars. People already use vehicles provided by shared mobility companies and some cities are prototyping connected car infrastructure. To provide its end-users with systems and solutions ready for connected, autonomous vehicles, enterprises invest in automotive software development skills. What’s the role of external consultants? Support and mentoring.

Support in building automotive software development expertise

While improving their software development processes and building new teams that can handle the rising demand for delivering vehicle software products and services, traditional players can rely on their consulting partners. What makes the transition towards an automotive software development company easier is gathering skills and expertise during projects and collecting know-how while supported by experienced software development consultants.

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