January 27, 2022

Comcast Tests Tech That Permits Gigabit Upload Speeds Over Cable

Cell expertise is technology that goes where the consumer goes. Why can’t our refrigerator fireplace off an pressing e-mail when the milk has gone lumpy? And the bathroom paper dispenser warn us it is empty – earlier than we sit down? And when will our microwaves run BitTorrent? EUREKA, the European R&D network, is aware of how badly you crave networked objects, and slightly than mock you, it is moving to help. To that end, it has developed small, inexpensive, battery-powered sensors able to link all the things from consumer electronics to environmental monitors to manufacturing facility robots – creating the a lot-anticipated “Web of Things.” However unlike the over-hyped RFID , it is expertise you’d really use. As a substitute of knowing whether or not your keys are certainly on the RFID reader, the network might gently remind you that you just left them in your automotive, which is now a hundred miles away with someone else at the wheel, but, luckily for you, low on gasoline. Gaze into the so-called future of issues with EUREKA’s press release, conveniently embedded after the jump.

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