October 2, 2022

About Wireless Local Area Network

A wireless local area network is the solution designed for network administrator which connects two…


A wireless local area network is the solution designed for network administrator which connects two or more devices with the usage of wireless distribution technology. Due to ease of installation, it also become more popular in the home and it provides a connection to the wider internet.

In 1980, the first generation of wireless Local Area Network was developed by amateur radio operators and they added voice band data rate below 9600 bits per sec. The second generation of wireless Network was developed immediately with the data rate above hundreds of Kilo-bits per sec. The fourth generation which extends their data rate up to Megabit per sec.

In addition, this Network can be broadly classified as Peer to Peer, Bridge and wireless distribution system.In Peer to peer system, the network allows the devices to communicate directly with each other Hence, in order to communicate this method typically uses two computers Which form a network. Bridge allows the device to connect the network and also act as the point to point connection to the wireless Network. Wireless distribution system allows a wireless network that can be configured to different identifiers


Infrastructure Mode:

By using access point, n/w can communicates to any machine another directly.

Mixed mode:

It is the combination of two modes. This mode can able to talk directly and using access point it can communicate with one another.

Network mode:

In this mode every work station communicates to each other.

Initially, wireless Local Area Network hardware was so expensive that it was only used in the places was cabling is impossible. In order to make the wireless Network as reliable,some of the security goals such as confidentiality, Data Integrity, and Access control. kampanye di media sosial Wireless Networks being used in offices, hospitals, and buildings for point-point Local Area Network bridges.

In Wireless Network, Roaming between two networks are occurred in Internal Roaming and External Roaming.In Internal roaming, within the home network the mobile station moves the network from one access point to another access point. Mean while in External Roaming to move the Local Area Network to another network provider the mobile station is used. There are more number of tools such as Air snort etc.,which may support for attacking the Local Area Network.

Hence, the Wireless Local Area Network has a long way to go, is the well developing network technology. It provides the boon for organization instead of using wired Wireless Local Area Network.

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